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Technology – Advanced Eye Care

We have the latest technology to detect eye disease including a Zeiss Cirrus OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography), Canon digital retinal camera, Zeiss Humphrey visual field analyser, Optos ultra-wide -field retinal camera and a corneal topographer. These instruments are indispensable in detecting eye disease and monitoring eye health over time.

An OCT scans deep into the retina to reveal early signs of diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetes which are the leading causes of vision loss and blindness affecting Australians.

OCT Macular scan
Retinal photograph revealing diabetic eye disease

Digital retinal cameras. A picture’s worth a thousand words, retinal cameras provide a high-resolution photograph of the retina allowing visual inspection of its structure. The retina is the only place in the body where blood vessels can be viewed directly without invasive procedures. So, in addition to detecting eye disease, signs of other potential health problems can be detected by looking at retinal photographs.

Retinal photograph revealing diabetic eye disease.

Visual Field Analyser

Visual field analysers are used to map out the human visual field and assess its sensitivity to light. They are commonly used to detect peripheral vision loss in glaucoma and to provide a neurological examination of the visual pathway from the back of the eye to the visual cortex at the back of the head.

Retinal photograph revealing diabetic eye disease
Retinal photograph revealing diabetic eye disease

Corneal Topographer

Corneal topographers are used to image the front of the eye and produce a topographical map of its surface. The maps can then be used to design speciality contact lenses including orthokeratology lenses and monitor conditions like keratoconus.

Goldmann Tonometer

Gold standard instrument for measuring intraocular pressures.

Retinal photograph revealing diabetic eye disease
Retinal photograph revealing diabetic eye disease

Optos Daytona

The Optos is the most advanced camera for ultra-widefield photography. In a single, quick shot this camera produces “optomap” photos of about 200 degrees (standard cameras capture 45 degrees) of the retina. These images provide superior visibility of the retinal periphery allowing us to see, document and follow pathology that could not be seen with traditional retinal cameras.

Tono-Pen Avia

Non-contact tonometer whose totally automated operation results in error-free ocular pressure measurements.

Retinal photograph revealing diabetic eye disease



To make our practice even SAFER, we have elevated hygiene standards to meet current health department directions by implementing the following:

We are committed to helping our community, and those that are most vulnerable, to remain healthy throughout this challenging time.  If you have any needs or concerns, please call us on 9528 6991 to speak with one of our helpful team. Stay safe and healthy.