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Keratoconus is a condition where the front surface of the (cornea) becomes thin and stretched near its center, causing it to bulge forward into a conical shape. As a result vision becomes distorted. This distortion of vision is due to the development of myopic astigmatism. Initially glasses are used to provide clear vision however as the condition advances the cornea becomes highly irregular and vision is no longer adequately corrected with glasses. At this point in time specially designed gas permeable contact lenses can be fitted. These contact lenses allow tears to fill a gap between the irregular corneal surface and the smooth regular inner surface of the lens eliminating the distortion of the conical cornea.

Our practice has a specialised instrument called a corneal topographer. The topographer provides a 3D map of the cornea which is useful for diagnosing keratoconus, monitoring progression and designing custom made contact lenses.

If you have keratoconus, or if you’re concerned that you might have it and require an eye examination, please call us for an appointment on 9528 6991.


To make our practice even SAFER, we have elevated hygiene standards to meet current health department directions by implementing the following:

We are committed to helping our community, and those that are most vulnerable, to remain healthy throughout this challenging time.  If you have any needs or concerns, please call us on 9528 6991 to speak with one of our helpful team. Stay safe and healthy.